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Miihub is your first destination as a New or Prospective Miioon Angel.  You'll find examples of our training materials, corporate videos and the basic steps you'll need to get your business started. 

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You're about to become a valued member of our team, your mission; to share one of the most innovative, exciting things to happen in childrenswear, kids gifting, and school fundraising, right now!  

Here's a quick overview of what's in store for you over the next few weeks.

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Join Our Communities

Join our private Miioon Angel UK Facebook Community and become part of our supportive and fun network of Angels. This is the place to share tips and ask questions that help develop your sales skills and strategies. Log-on to your Facebook account and "friend" Miioon Angel or your Mentor.  They will send you an invite to the group. 

Once you register as an Angel you will have access to our powerful MiiOffice where you will find everything you need to run your business and all of our training guides too.  MiiOffice is where you can track your sales, create voucher codes, sign-up for e-wallet and shop for yourself and for business supplies.

Train in your own time at Miioon U with our helpful videos and training materials.  Miioon U offers you plenty of marketing and support material to run your business - all that ongoing training on top of regular coaching sessions with your Mentor and team.

You will also be signed up for our weekly Angel Blaze which gives you up to date news from HQ as well as Marketing and Sales tips. The Blaze goes out every Wednesday - it's the perfect way to stay up to date! 

Finally, everyone who joins Miioon has a Mentor. Your Mentor will help train you, introduce you to the team and make you feel part of the Miioon family.  Some groups meet in person on a monthly basis and some have Google Hangouts every week. 

 It's all about being flexible and finding something that works for each team.

start training

Start Training

We have 7 Get Started Training Guides on Miihub to give you a taster of our training modules. Begin with the Get Started Check-list and work your way through.  We have loads more training and support materials for you on MiiOffice, once you join!

Your Mentor will arrange a one hour training and coaching session, within your first week of joining and she will arrange regular calls to answer any questions you might have.

view videos

View Videos

Watch our corporate videos and "share" them on your Facebook.  See what your friends think of our innovative brand! 

View videos on miihub



Our Get Started – Check-list will guide you through the steps you need to take once you join.  Some of the things to think about are registering your sales activity with HMRC, the most common way to do this is to register as a sole trader. It's also useful to open a second current account to run your business from - it makes it a lot easier to keep track of things. You can order your Miioon business cards at Moo.com.  Simply contact trish.coulter@moo.com.

share photos

Share Photos

Once you receive your Starter Pack you will want to share your new business with your friends and their children. There is no better way to get the word out than happy children creating on Miioon and running around in Swoopercapes!  Share on Facebook and Twitter and get your friends to share on their Facebook pages too.

Become a Miioon Angel

If you haven't joined Miioon yet, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just follow these steps:

step 1

Phone 0845 287 9770 or email rupert@miioon.com, to sign up and order your Starter-Kit today. (Normal land-line rates apply). 

step 2

Your Mentor will contact you within 24 hours by email or phone to arrange your first coaching session.  

step 3

Run through your Fast Track coaching session with your Mentor before day 5 and......

you’re done!

You're business is ready to go!

Become a Member of Miihub and View our Taster Training Guides

If you aren't a member of Miihub yet, you need to take four simple steps:

step 1

Email rupert@miioon.com

step 2

Rupert will contact you to arrange a chat about starting a business with Miioon.

step 3

An invite to Miihub will be sent to your email address.

you’re done!

You're good to go

Ignite your business
Being there for your customer
Filling your diary
Building your team
Get started
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  • FB Miioon Videos

    Hey Angels,

    Please add comments to Miioon's FB feed.  The more comments and shares we get, the more the news spreads.  Shares and comments are better than likes.  All three are even better!

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  • Basecamp tip!

    Hi Angels - please don't tick the boxes in basecamp of the 'to dos'   as this action hides the information from everyone else.  Please click on the Header to view the content within.  Hope that makes sense :)

    Thanks x

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  • Banners / artwork for print

    Hi Angels,

    Basecamp is the place where you can download larger artwork and marketing materials for print. Miihub doesn't work so well for this.  If you haven't been invited to Basecamp yet, let us know!

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  • Miioon Font

    Our Miioon font is Din-Rounded, you should be able to download this, then when you re-start your computer it should automatically upload in to your font choice.  You can find this on Basecamp.

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